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Marketing your Personal Brand is a crucial step in career or business development. Learn effective ways to make a positive impact on your community and build a stronger presence in your audience’s mind.

As a business owner, you know that having a good marketing strategy is paramount for keeping your company’s relevance in check, however, are you aware that having a marketing strategy is also important to streamline your Personal Brand? A well-thought-out strategy will provide you with the right tools, content, and channels to promote yourself and increase your authority in your niche. Perhaps most importantly, it will help focus your efforts on the right people and opportunities.

Personal Marketing helps create market differentiation for your Personal Brand, increased competitive advantage, and greater exposure across various audiences, online and offline. 

Read below some of the benefits that a great Personal Marketing strategy can do for your Personal Brand:

Increased sales opportunities

It’s wrong to assume that the purpose of marketing is restricted to bringing in new customers. Converting a new consumer to a sale has a 5-20% chance, but with an old customer, the percentage jumps to 60-70 percent.

That being said, a great Marketing strategy must help your Personal Brand to be more visible and constant, whether for new or past customers so that your name pops up in their minds when they are pondering buying what you offer.

Reputation: Positive or negative, you have one

In our hyper-connected world, there’s nothing one wants to hide that can’t be exposed, thus, caring for and managing your reputation is imperative for the success of your business.

The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make these days is that they use marketing in the digital arena to advertise skills they don’t have and make promises they can’t fulfill. When a customer buys their product/service, they see that the promise doesn’t match the delivery. 

With the internet, the current typical buyer conducts extensive research on any product or service they wish to purchase, thus having a positive reputation is more important than ever.

Marketing done right will make sure you communicate your expertise properly so your reputation increases over time, as well as the trust your customers feel in you and your business.

Attracting your ideal clients

Reaching customers can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to get attention from people who aren’t familiar with your brand. A good marketing strategy that resonates with and attracts your ideal clients means they’ll recognize your brand, connect with it and be more likely to engage with you.

The right strategies give you the tools to understand them in greater depth. When you understand your audience better than they know themselves, you can offer exactly what they need and skip the guesswork.

When your audience understands that you know them this well, you build rapport and trust. 

Earning people’s trust and influencing their buying decisions

How do you earn people’s trust and influence their buying decisions? You need to go beyond merely showing that your product/service has utility. You need to show them how it will bring them pleasure, health, or peace of mind. 

Your Personal Branding combined with a good marketing plan ensures that when people come in contact with you, they are left with a sense of comfort and trust. Your marketing plan must be clear and consistent because it is the only way to build trust with the people who might employ you or buy from you.

Knowing the market

Understanding your client without understanding the market you are in doesn’t do you any good. 

The more information you garner about other professionals/companies that offer similar products and services as you, the easier you will find the gap in their strategies. The sun shines for everybody!

Knowing industry trends and events that may affect your business model, as well as consumer trends that may influence purchasing behavior helps you make better-informed decisions to improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty and grow revenue

As you can see, marketing is not just for businesses and products, but for individuals as well. In today’s highly competitive market, using the right strategies to market yourself is imperative to the health of your business. I can help you market your skills, abilities, and assets so that others see them too in order that you can develop a strong brand identity that is both memorable and recognizable among your target audience.

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