Rising Up From Mental Slavery - How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

by Katerina Cozias and Danielle Martins

“Play it safe” – Go to school, get good grades, graduate with a degree, find an acceptable job that pays you a good salary… This is the narrative. This is what “everybody does” …find someone you love, get married, have children, and then when you reach your
60s, retire and now you can enjoy the rest of your life.

How many people have “written the script of the perfect life” as a map for others to fulfill when they themselves were miserable
following that very same map?

How many times have you caught yourself playing the principal character in a role scripted by others for your own life and then
realized that what was supposed to have been the guideline to a perfect life was actually exactly what was keeping you

This, unfortunately, is how many people are currently passing through life – feeling anxious, unhappy, unfulfilled, without being
aware of the box they are in, while that box that they are desperately trying to fit into was built not for their vision of their life but
for the vision someone else had for their life.
You have been kept in prison, in mental slavery by society’s imposed checklist of all the things you should and shouldn’t do, all
while not respecting or fulfilling your own heart’s desires. These drivers have many times led you to make decisions that resulted
in the achievement of accomplishments that didn’t actually help you realize a life of purpose or the abundance and joy that are
truly your birthright.
But you are NOT a victim – this proverbial prison, this mental slavery that you have had exposed on you has actually had its doors
wide open this entire time. And you can choose to leave it anytime you want – it’s as simple as just making the decision to do so!
Do you feel you are capable of achieving more than what you are currently achieving, but you just don’t know how or where to
start? Do you feel an urge to expand your financial success, create a stronger romantic relationship, carve out a better work/life
balance, or gain increased freedom to do what you want, when you want? Perhaps deep down you do, but you are asking
yourself: Am I capable? Can I really have all the things I dream of having? The answer to these questions is YES!
In this book, you will:
• Discover proven practices designed to help you overcome your limiting beliefs
• Learn how to increase your point of attraction by changing your self-dialogue
• Get tools to discover your life’s purpose to unleash your infinite potential
• Be inspired to take action and move passionately toward your dreams
• Realize that YOU are absolutely all you need—and fall in love with yourself again!

Change your life. Experience magic for yourself. Order your copy today on Amazon, and don’t forget to gift a copy to the people
you love and care about as well!

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