Mistakes People Make That Hurt Their Personal Brands (And How To Avoid) Part 2


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In my last article (read it here), I shared some mistakes people make that hurt their Personal Brands (and how to avoid them). 

Personal Branding can be related to “thinking of yourself as a company”, meaning that you need to be intentional in everything you do, online and offline, so you build trust with people.

If you are a business owner, chances are that you want people to trust in you so they want to buy from you. If you are looking for a new job, you must convey an image of professionalism and competence in what you do and it involves not only what you are capable of doing but also how you present yourself, overall. If you are looking for building a more valuable network, you want people to understand that you will be a great addition to their groups.

The examples can be on and on, but to keep this article nice and short, let’s go to some more random basic mistakes people make (and how to avoid them):

Avoid: Using Selfies and unprofessional photos in your profile: Unless the solution you “sell” is all about “informality”, there’s NO reason for you to use unprofessionally cared photos in your profile picture. If you trying to convince other people that you are the right solution for them (the professional they need), how do you think they will, unconsciously, believe you are the one if you are the first to NOT hire a professional photographer to do the job?

Do: Think of yourself as if you were “Coca-cola” – You don’t see Coca-cola communication done with “DIY photos”. You don’t need to have the budget of Coca-cola and do things exactly how they do, but you sure can hire a professional photographer to do a great photo shoot for you to present yourself better. Remember that people do judge a book by the cover, so, make sure you transmit the best possible impression at first sight.

Avoid: Thinking your solution is for everyone! Two people may have the same age, same financial status, live in similar house dimensions, etc., and yet, not have absolutely nothing in common at all. So, your solution doesn’t fit everyone.

Do: Research your ideal clients in-depth – They dream about accomplishing certain things in their lives to feel free from certain pains – what are those pains? Why do they want to get rid/avoid them? How do those problems impede them from living the life they want? What will they gain from solving that problem? People don’t buy anything just for the sake of spending money: they buy a solution! Do your research and define your niche.

Avoid: Thinking that fame on social media will solve your problems – You may have millions of followers on your platform, however, it doesn’t mean they are “potential clients”.

Do: Instead of focusing on gaining “followers”, focus on becoming “relevant” to your audience. Focus on your delivery. Add value. Being famous is different from being relevant. Prefer to be relevant.

I hope you like these nuggets that are so simple and yet, most people are not aware of them.

Stay tuned for the next round of random mistakes (and how to avoid them).

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