Mistakes People Make That Hurt Their Personal Brands (and How to Avoid Them)


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When we talk about Personal Branding, we are far from referring that it comes down to a logo in the digital world: We are talking about reputation.

How we are perceived by others dictates how much people will trust us or not, and business, whether it’s for entrepreneurs or authors, is all about building trust with your ideal customer, and maintaining the trust of current customers, of course.

Personal Branding is precisely the process that helps you manage your touchpoints so that, by maintaining consistency between offline and online behaviors, you are perceived in a positive way, thus increasing your credibility.

The concept of Personal Branding has been overused in recent years, which is a good sign, as people are increasingly aware of the importance of finding their differential in order to stand out in such a saturated market, but on the other hand, has been misunderstood and for that reason, so that you also don’t fall into the trap, I’m going to bring you this series exposing several mistakes that people make, that harm their Personal Brands, and how to avoid them.

Avoid: Thinking that Personal Branding is just a profile on social media: Social media are very important, however, your universe is not limited to the online universe. As a human being, you don’t just exist in the digital world only. Your potential customers and stakeholders, also human beings, do not only exist in the online arena, so when it comes to Personal Branding, keep in mind that all your interactions count, whether online or offline.

Do: Be consistent, whether online or offline. Authenticity is not about being yourself, as Seth Godin says, but about delivering what you promise. Therefore, think that there are no “borders” between the digital and offline universe: the human being is the same, the essence is the same, and attitudes must be coherent.

Avoid: Reaching out to people only when you need. As the saying goes, don’t expect the heat without first, bringing the wood.

Do: Create a network of connections where you are welcome, through genuinely adding value. Don’t wait for people to reach out to you. Go to them, add value, and serve. Trust is built over time and this is what increases your relevance.

Avoid: ME, ME, ME. Personal Branding is NOT about putting yourself on a pedestal. Personal Branding is about building trust, and empathy and again, adding value. If you’re in the habit of talking too much about yourself, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with people on an emotional level.

Do: Be a good listener! Understand more! Praise more! What you do and what you represent is not just about you, it’s about the audience you serve. The more welcomed your audience feels, the more valued and represented they feel the more they will feel connected to you and this creates loyalty.

Stay tuned for the next round of random mistakes (and how to avoid them).

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