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Danielle martins

Personal & Business Branding Strategist Marketing Specialist | Bestselling Author | International Speaker

I’m a Personal Branding Strategist, an Entrepreneur, a Best-selling Author, and a Marketing Expert with over 23 years of experience. My specialty is helping entrepreneurs and authors like you catapult their Personal Brand and business, through the power of a correctly market positioning and differentiation.
As an author, I also experienced the incredible effects of the market differentiation that a book publishing done right myself, including massive business growth, new business partners and potential customers, speaking gig invitations, new business deals, and an exponential increase in income.
My specialty is creating the same kind of ripple effect for entrepreneurs who have something to offer and want more market awareness, recognition, and business opportunities.
I’ve developed a suite of proven steps that can turn you into the number 1 person in your niche.
Contact me to find out how I can help you build a remarkable Personal Brand and experience sustainable success. Stand out, multiply your earnings, and attract more attention. 

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Dreaming of doing what you love and being known for what you offer, while earning what you deserve?

Be a Personal Brand that doesn’t compete in the price arena because people perceive the value you provide. I’ll show you exactly how to position and differentiate yourself in the market to become a brand in demand.
By following certain proven strategies, you can create a timeless relationship with your audience and go from just another figure in the market to the #1 authority in your niche.
You don’t need to work harder or longer. With the right differentiation strategy, your name will pop up in people’s minds and inspire instant trust.
If you want more impact and influence and to learn how to position yourself in such a way that followers become your brand ambassadors, get in touch today!
I’ll guide you every step of the way, just like I did successfully with clients from all over the world (Canada, USA, Brazil, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Swiss, Marroco, Greece, Malasia, India, Australia).
Start Your Personal Branding Journey Today!

Become a Successful Published Author

Do you have an idea for a book and need help publishing it and turning it into a powerful Personal Branding and marketing tool?

Let me help you become an author AND the number 1 person in your niche.


Having done this for myself and tens of different clients from all around the world, I and my team know exactly what you need to do (and what to avoid) to become a best-selling author and attract the right kind of attention.
Your book publishing done right can be your catapult to massive success and I will guide you every step of the way. All you need is content, ambition, and a willingness to learn.
We’ll bring clarity, purpose, the necessary logistics, and an incredible strategy.
Become a Published Author Today! 


“Danielle Martins is simply one of the best in the world at marketing, business, and personal branding! She's always on time, I love her energy, and it doesn't matter what time it is around the world, SHE'S ON IT! We at Movie Reviews and More highly endorse her with our own rating system. She gets the 4 E's from us. She's Energetic, Entertaining, very Effective with what she does, and easy to work with!".
Brian Sebastian
Danielle Martins is one of the best! The best brand strategist I have ever worked with on a global scale, and one of the best women of integrity, professionalism, kindness and hart that I have ever met! Having had the opportunity to work with Danielle several times over the past years, I can absolutely attest to the fact that she delivers and delivers big! Looking to accelerate your authority? Boost your visibility? Create clarity around your message? And perhaps most importantly, convert audiences to super-fans for increased sales? Then Danielle Martins is your gal! I highly recommend locking arms with Danielle and her team. And if you do, get ready to hold onto your hat, because sky's the limit!
Katerina Cozias
On-camera host Founder, VasGeo Media Corp.
Besides being an extremely competent and righteous professional with a very special delivery, Danielle Martins is an incredible human being. I highly recommend her.
Silvana Lages
Personal Branding Consultant
Danielle Martins not only did an outstanding job on branding myself and my book but also went above and beyond supporting me in any area that I was struggling with.
Roberto Delanese
Bestselling Author of the book The Delanese Method™

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