Weekend Reading Tip: Socrates and Soc – The Magic Stone of Pythia by Maria Xenidou


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Weekend Reading Tip – Danielle Martins Branding – Maria Xenidou

This book was written by an amazing human being,    Maria Xenidou and it’s an enriching experience for young readers. We’ve met when I was doing her Personal Branding process and it was an instant connection.

Maria is a greek author and she has achieved impressive milestones with her book: It was transformed into a movie screenplay by the Hollywood acclaimed director, Bary Cook. On top of that, Antonio Banderas manifested his willingness to voice over the main character in the story. WOW!

Her book was re-launched in 2021 by Hasmark Publishing, a publishing house I am proudly part of, as their Branding Manager (if you have a story to share with the world, we will be more than happy to help you do that), and it reached bestselling status really quick!

Socrates and Soc – The Magic Stone of Pythia is available on Amazon, worldwide and it’s such an amazing gift for your loved ones.

Here is a summary of this incredible story, and can’t wait to share more titles with you next week!

A witty, breathtaking, and educational adventure, Socrates & Soc takes a look into the past and present through the eyes of two identical 13-year-old boys who time-travel and trade places with the help of the magic stone, one of the boys being the ancient philosopher Socrates. Although the duo may be from different centuries, 457 BC and 2004 AD, they share the same name and hail from the same city, Athens in Greece, and what’s more, one of the boys happens to be the ancient philosopher Socrates. 

What happens in 2004? As a boy, ancient Socrates implements his philosophical ideas as a way of life, and author Maria Xenidou portrays him as wise, strong-minded, and intelligent. Employing the dialectic method, he continually poses questions to invoke people into thinking about situations and issues, and after deduction, their own conclusions are exactly what the boy said in the first place. Some things just don’t make sense to him, but there is nothing complicated about one of the greatest minds experiencing for the first time fizzy drinks and burping! 

Meanwhile in 457 B.C, Soc witnesses how the ancient Olympic Games took place and has a chance to explore the ancient world which he discovers surprisingly liberal and advanced in ways he never expected. Without TV and Wii, Soc has a hard time adjusting to a life change that’s full of physical activities and mishaps. In no time he learns to adapt and appreciate the ancient ways of his ancestors and gradually starts to love a more natural way of life. 

An adventurous and compelling story for ages nine to eighteen, the book is peppered with humor, steeped in ancient Greek life, and guaranteed to equally amuse and amaze older readers.

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