Your Personal Brand Is More Than A Sales Tool


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The importance of developing your Personal Brand goes beyond just adding a way to sell your product/service. It’s a vital part of your business success.

In the past, people thought of personal branding as something you did to sell yourself to others, from a vanity perspective. But now, we know that the exact opposite is true: Our Personal Brands sell our companies creating the perfect market competitive advantage.

Your Personal Brand is the most powerful tool at your disposal because it gives people an opportunity to interact with you before they ever have contact with your company (or its products/services). 

Think of big names in the industry like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos and you will understand exactly what I am saying.

These legendary entrepreneurs got it right the first time and have been reaping the rewards ever since. 

Not having a Personal Branding strategy puts yourself and your business at a significant disadvantage.

Here are some insights that show why your Personal Brand goes beyond selling your goods.


It helps you build trust with your target audience

The fact is, people don’t connect with products/services, people connect with people. 

When they see a product or service that’s been endorsed by someone they know and trust, they’re much more likely to try it out. So if you want to make sure your products/services get the attention they deserve, you need to make sure you manage your Personal Brand strategically right alongside them.

Be aware that your business will be perceived as an extension of yourself, the human being behind the creation, thus, this is great market differentiation.

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field helps people put their trust in you and the business you promote. 


It builds long-term career sustainability

Link your reputation to the success of one company makes you its puppet leaving you no other options to stand out on your own.

Having a strong Personal Brand puts you on the top of the umbrella, making you more sellable and less dependent so that even if one venture doesn’t work out, there will be other possibilities waiting for you.

When one allows the company to define them, it becomes much more difficult to succeed in other endeavors. 

Working on ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, turns you into the one who adds value to any project or venture in which you choose to invest your time, meaning that when things don’t go according to plan (and sometimes they inevitably do) or when new opportunities present themselves outside of the project at hand, you’ll be able to move on from the first project with confidence and ease because you have the flexibility and people’s trust to embrace new challenges.


It helps develop stronger connections


Organizations are nothing more (and nothing less) than a collection of individuals who are in a relationship.

~Blaine Bartlett

When you share your core values with others and let them know what you stand for, they will know who you want to be surrounded by and will be drawn to you: consumers who believe in your mission, other entrepreneurs who want to be a part of creating something with you, and employees who feel compelled about joining your journey—that’s when great magic happen!

So, if you intend to achieve sustainable success, start with yourself by developing your Personal Brand.


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