Your Personal Brand Is More Than A Sales Tool

The importance of developing your Personal Brand goes beyond just adding a way to sell your product/service. It’s a vital part of your business success. In the past, people thought of personal branding as something you did to sell yourself to others, from a vanity perspective. But now, we know that the exact opposite is […]

Advantages of Marketing Your Personal Brand

Marketing your Personal Brand is a crucial step in career or business development. Learn effective ways to make a positive impact on your community and build a stronger presence in your audience’s mind.

Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know To Build Influence And Leadership

Before social media, a person’s influence was limited to their close network. Currently, anyone can show up in cyberspace, however, what made it easier to make you known to people outside of your personal and professional network, also brought the danger of exposing you without the proper intentionality risking unwanted public perception of yourself. Establishing […]